How to Bet on Cricket Matches at Fun88 India: Beginner’s Guide

Learn how to Bet on Cricket Matches at Fun88 in 3 simple steps! Know Betting Options & Odds to Win Money. Join Fun88 & Win a 200% Sports bonus of up to ₹15,000.

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Introduction to Cricket Betting at Fun88

No Indian doesn’t know about cricket and an opportunity to bet on cricket matches is the cherry on the cake. Fun88 brings that cherry to you, to all cricket lovers. Each event, tournament, and match is available to bet on Fun88 sports, national and international. Join Fun88, claim a 200% first deposit bonus up to ₹15,000 on Sports, Opt for Fun88 sports, select a cricket match to bet on with a minimum betting limit of ₹5, and confirm your bets. Take the pot home when you win the bet at Fun88 India.


Points to know before betting on Cricket Online at Fun88


  1. Live Streaming & Scoring: Fun88 allows live scoring of cricket matches but doesn’t allow the live streaming of the match. Hence, you can check the score of the matches but you cannot see the match while placing a bet. Well, Fun88 does allow in-play betting, you can watch the match on your TV while placing a bet on your mobile or desktop.
  2. Minimum Betting limit: Minimum amount of money you need in your Fun88 Sports wallet to place a bet on a cricket match is ₹5. Making Fun88 the most affordable website to play cricket betting in India, the minimum betting stake is ₹5, and the maximum betting limit range depends on different sports, matches, events, and tournaments,
  3. Fun88 Sports Bonus: Fun88 brings the most exciting offers for new players, Join Fun88 and claim a 200% welcome bonus of up to ₹15,000 in your sports wallet on your first deposit of a minimum ₹1,000 and 15 rollover terms.
  4. Mobile Compatibility: The best thing to opt for the Fun88 sportsbook is to have an Android and iOS-compatible application. Download the Fun88 app to play cricket betting no matter where you are. Place bets on your favorite team while traveling, eating, or watching movies. etc. No one can stop you from betting on cricket with Fun88 Sports app.
  5. Betting Options & Odds: Fun88 offers multiple varieties of betting options for cricket betting and the most popular ones are mentioned below, 2-way money line winner, 1st Wicket Method, 1st Over total Runs O/U betting option, 1st Innings Fall of the 1st Wicket, and Match Sixes. Read the next section to know more about betting options & odds.

Betting Options & Odds in Cricket betting at Fun88


  1. 2-Way Money Line Winner: Even though they have complicated the name of this betting option by adding ‘2-way money line’ with the ‘winner’. All you need to predict in this betting option is who will win the match at the end of the cricket match. Hence, predict the winner of the match and place a bet on the 2-way money line winner betting option.
  2. 1st Wicket Method: How did the first wicket of the match happen? Was it a run-out, caught, bowled, LBW, Stumped, or others? That’s what you are supposed to predict in the 1st Wicket Method betting option. Predict whether the first wicket of the cricket match will be either of the following 6 methods mentioned above in the image or not.
  3. 1st Over Total Runs O/U: In the 1st Over total Runs O/U betting option, bettors have to predict the score of the 1st over of the cricket match. Players have to predict whether the runs made by the team playing first will be over 4.5 runs or under 4.5 runs. Hence, predict whether the total runs made by the team will be over or under 4.5
  4. Match Sixes: Who will score the most sixes in the match all over? That’s what you have to predict in the ‘Match Sixes’ betting option. Whether the most number of sixes will be obtained by one team or the other.
  5. 1st Innings Fall of 1st Wicket: The number of runs made by the team in the 1st innings before hitting the 1st wicket is predicated on the 1st Innings Fall of the 1st Wicket. In 1st Innings Fall of the 1st Wicket betting options, players have to predict whether the runs made by the teams before having their first wicket will be over/under 17.5 runs.

How to Bet on Cricket Matches Online at Fun88 India

Follow the 3 steps mentioned below for your help to teach you how to bet on cricket matches online at Fun88 India with a minimum betting limit of ₹5. Register your account at Fun88, Select Cricket betting by Fun88 Sportsbook, Select the match and observe the odds to place the bets. It’s easy to execute the guide than to read it, Join Fun88 & bet on a cricket match today!

Step 1: Access Fun88 account & Select Fun88 Sports

  • The first step to placing a bet on a cricket match online at Fun88 is to have a Fun88 account. Click on Login to enter your existing Fun88 account by entering the email and password. If you don’t have an account, click on ‘Join Now‘ to visit the registration form and complete the process in 5 minutes. Read the Fun88 Register article to complete the process in 3 steps.


  • Scroll down a bit in the Fun88 official website homepage and locate ‘Sports‘ written on the left corner of the homepage. Given below are the name are 4 Fun88 sportsbook providers, you can select either sportsbook to place a bet on any cricket match.
  • We are selecting Fun88 Sports to place a bet on a Cricket match with a minimum betting stake of ₹5. Other sportsbook providers are BetB2B, Fun88 Exchange, and SABA Sports. Though, we recommend selecting Fun88 Sports with just ₹5.

Step 2: Select a Sports match & Observe the Odds

  • Once you select the online sportsbook you want to wager in, you will be redirected to a page where a vertical panel is given in the left corner of the screen. Every sport is mentioned to help you know what is present and what is not. Select ‘Cricket‘.


  • Select the match you want to bet on, as soon as you click on Cricket, a dropdown menu will appear on the screen showing different countries. Select any to place a bet, we are selecting International to place a bet on Twenty20 International Women.
  • The ongoing and upcoming matches will appear on the screen in the middle panel. Select the match you want to bet on and observe the odds of the team. Keep in mind that high odds yields greater payouts because the calculation of potential payouts is equal to the betting odds on the team and the money you wagered on the same team.
  • We are selecting a Twenty20 International Women’s match between South Africa and India to teach you how to place a bet on cricket. Observe the odds and click on the odds on which you want to bet on. We selected South Africa with 2.96 odds.

Step 3: Enter the betting stake & confirm your bet

  • As soon as you click on the odd given respective to the team you want to bet on, a betting slip will open on the absolute right panel of the screen. You will be asked to fill in the amount you want to wager on the team, the minimum betting amount at Fun88 cricket is ₹5.


  • We are choosing to place a bet of ₹100 on South Africa with 296 odds in Twenty20 International Women’s match between South Africa and India. Hence, we entered ‘100‘ in the betting amount column, after adding the amount, click on ‘Place Bets‘ to confirm your bets. If South Africa wins the match, you will receive ₹296 in return and if India wins, you will lose your ₹100.

There are two possible scenarios for one betting option at cricket betting and those two scenarios are mentioned below in the table. See what will happen when, if you choose to place a bet of ₹100 on India or South Africa for the 2 Way Money Line Winner of the match. There are 2 possibilities to these 2 scenarios, either you will win more money or lose what you gave.

Case 1: Winner – India

Case 2: Winner – South Africa

Odds: 1.34Odds: 2.92
Wager: ₹100Wager: ₹100
Pay-out: ₹134Pay-out: ₹292
If India wins: you get ₹134If South Africa wins: you get ₹292
If India loses: you lose ₹100If South Africa loses: you lose ₹100

3 Bonus tips to Win Online Cricket Betting

Before you go to Fun88 India to place your bets on cricket matches, know these 3 bonus tips as a beginner to increase your chances of earning more real money in less time. Though as a beginner your goal should be to spend as less as possible and gain more knowledge and experience. Accept that this game has two coins, enjoy it while winning, and sustain it while losing the bet.

  1. Follow the news & forecasts: Keep yourself up to date with the team’s players, histories, head-to-head performances, etc. This thing helps you build a pattern and that pattern can help you win the cricket betting. Look through 4-5 sports forecasts before placing a bet on any cricket match to know which team is most likely to win as per the betting experts all over the globe.
  2. Take a chance on Underdog: Bookmakers consider the strong teams as favorites but that doesn’t mean they will win the cricket match. The underdog is as likely to win the cricket match as the favorite. Play on reputed online betting sites because many sites can take advantage of your habit to bet on favorites as their way of earning more money.
  3. Small & fewer bets in beginning: Always begin your journey with less number of bets and a small amount of money wagered on them. There’s no rule to place a bet on every betting option, you can skip as many as you want. Start with the simplest betting option, that is, the winner of the match, and place small bets to experience cricket betting online.


How to bet on cricket matches online with an affordable betting limit? That’s the most commonly asked question among Indian bettors and we have got the answer for you. The simple answer is Fun88, bet on cricket matches at Fun88 and have fun earning loads of real money in less than a minute. We hope you learned how to place a bet on a cricket match online in 3 simple steps and are ready to earn some more real money in no time. Join Fun88 today and claim a 200% welcome bonus of up to ₹15,000 on the first deposit in your Sports wallet.