Casino Hold’em Poker 2023: How to play, win bonus up to ₹1k

Casino Hold’em, a poker game version of Texas Hold’em, but you play against the live dealer instead of other players; it is similar to Texas Hold’em poker game.

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What is Casino Hold’em Poker?

Casino Hold’em, the other Poker version of Hold’em, is also frequently referred to as Texas Hold’em. One only requires proper knowledge of poker and Hold’em to play Casino Hold’em.


Poker is a pretty enjoyable game. This variation presents lots of fun while offering a comparatively standard and aggressive house edge of nearby 2%-2.5%, depending on the gameplay.

3 Steps to learn playing online Casino Hold’em at Fun88

The casino adaptation of the Casino Hold’em moves similarly to conventional Hold’em. Every player is dealt two cards concurrently with the house hand, and 5 community cards will be dealt. To learn further, find the 3 steps guide to begin your Casino Hold’em play.

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Step 1: Visit the Fun88 website, select Live casino and pick Playtech

To begin your casino Hold ’em play, you expect to enter the official Fun88 site. Follow the instructions below to reach the casino Hold ’em poker.


  • You need to login into their account if you’re an existing user with Fun88; otherwise, do Fun88 register.
  • Once you register into your account, make Fun88 Deposit and go to the Live Casino tab.
  • Choose Playtech (We recommend this provider as it is the most famous Fun88 Live Casino), and click on the “Bet Now” button.

Step 2: Select a Poker table that offers the cheapest betting option ₹50


  • Once you click the Bet Now button of the most recommended Playtech, a new tab will open. You must understand the next step to explore online casino Hold ’em poker rooms.
  • Select Poker. There are different casino Hold ’em tables; you can choose any as far as the room is free to play. Playtech is the most affordable among other online casino providers at Fun88. Here, the player can observe the hand from different edges.

Step 3: Begin the online game of casino Hold’em poker


  • In the beginning, a hand of this poker game is to place an ante bet.
  • Once you placed the ante bet, the dealer will deal 2 cards to you and 2 cards to themselves. The dealer’s cards will be face down. Next, they will deal with 3 community cards facing up in the middle of the table. Those first 3 community cards are termed as the “flop.”
  • While playing the game, you will get some idea about the hand’s potential. The game’s objective is to obtain the most beneficial 5-card hand from the total of 2 hole cards that dealt with you and 5 community cards.
  • Decide before the game moves further. You may fold and surrender the hand, wasting your ante bet, or you may call and earn an extra bet estimated at 2 times your ante amount to proceed.
  • Once you decided to call, the dealer will be dealt with 2 added community cards. The fourth card is named the turn, and the fifth is defined as the river. You will now own 2 hole cards, including 5 community cards, to obtain the best hand.
  • Finally, the dealer will flip over their 2 cards and discover who has the most valuable hand, house, or player.

To receive a winning bonus, you must make a withdrawal.

Note: If you want any help regarding betting or any other website features, you can always reach out to Fun88 customer care via 24×7 Live Chat.


As you notice, Casino hold’em is the classic table game in the casino for poker enthusiasts! While it holds the most maximum rules and approaches of Texas hold’em, it also enables the player to play opposite the house in the form of a dealer instead of other players, making for a more active, modernized game with high-grade odds and low house edge.