How to play Fun88 Ice Hockey betting: Win bonus up to ₹1,000

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Betting on the Fun88 Ice hockey is pretty straightforward, and with a bit of practice, you can be up and moving fast, even if you’re a newcomer.


As long as you have a PC or smartphone working on an up-to-date version of iOS or Android, you’ll have no problem placing Fun88 ice hockey bets on your devices. Here’s an easy analysis of the Fun88 Ice hockey betting sport and the game’s structure.

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3 Steps to start Fun88 Ice hockey live betting – 7 mins guide

Virtual sports and visual display in Fun88 ice hockey live betting online have provided excellent ice field action in a direction where 2 competitive teams of skaters play to net the rubber puck into their opponent’s edge. Being a Fun88 India’s ice hockey fan, you must learn how to play Fun88 ice hockey betting odds on virtual sports in 3 steps below.

Step 1: Access Fun88 & log in to your account


  • 1st step has to be picking the best Sportsbook betting site, Fun88. Enter some basic personal information, and pick a username to register your Fun88 account.
  • Make a safe and sound deposit and claim your 1st deposit reward in the form of a welcome bonus.

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Step 2: Go to Virtual from the menu & click Ice hockey

  • Click on the Virtual from the menu bar once you successfully logged in to your Fun88 account.


  • Then choose Ice hockey from the drop-down menu, and current live matches will arrive on your screen.
  • Browse different leagues, betting choices, and lines. Start placing bets on your preferred Ice hockey team and win big prizes.

Be sure of your choice before starting online betting, look into an honest Fun88 sports review, and then make the decision.

Step 3: Start your Fun88 Ice Hockey betting journey in Virtual sports

  • The live broadcast will be in the center place, supported by the upcoming activities schedule below it.


  • Apart from the teams considered, you can even put bets on forthcoming matches.
  • When you’re ready, you need to click on the bet type that you wish to add to your betting slip.
  • See on the top right side of your screen on your bet slip for the match’s bet type.
  • Enter the amount you want to bet in the box and click on the button Place Bets. You can likewise place multiple bets at the same time.


  • Case 1: If Russia wins: The Potential expected payout by entering a stake of 100 will be ₹185
  • Case 2: If Russia loses: A player will lose the take of ₹100

You can then watch the virtual play’s performance on the live channel, and your bets will be settled quickly; isn’t it simple? Visit the Fun88 Sports page to explore the amazing collection of sports betting games!

8 Fun88 Ice Hockey betting types

If you know how to bet on sportsbooks, many related rules refer to betting on Fun88 Ice hockey. Here, Fun88indi will uncover the most well-liked best of 5 bets you can perform and learn how they run.

#1. 3-way market

  • The three-way market eliminates overtime from the equation, leaving you to wager on the final score after three periods.


  • Three-way market betting is the way to go if you want better value, long odds, and greater payouts. But keep in mind that if you bet on a game-winner, you’ll lose your money if they win in overtime or the shootout.
  • Three-way markets aren’t always the safest play, but they may be quite profitable.
  • Case 1: if you bet on Ukraine to win with a stake of 100, and it wins, you’ll get ₹356. if it loses, you’ll lose ₹100
  • Case 2: if you bet on Russia to win with a stake of 100, and it wins, you’ll get ₹182. if it loses, you’ll lose ₹100
  • Case 3: if you bet on Tie to win with a stake of 100, and it gets drawn, you’ll get ₹403. if it loses, you’ll lose ₹100

#2. Overtime(Moneyline)

Overtime (Moneyline) is an ice hockey bet in which players bet a match will finish on time or overtime.

  • It’s crucial to understand that competitive virtual ice hockey games do not allow for ties. If the game is tied at the end of regulation, it will be decided over overtime.


  • An overtime bet is the most common and straightforward sort of wager in which you anticipate which team will win the game. This market likewise comes in two different varieties.
  • The Match outcome bet allows you to wager on the winner, but only if the win occurs during the standard match period.
  • Over Time Yes: If players bet on Yes with the payout rate of 3.86, players bet the match between Ukraine & Russia will finish over the standard time (more than 60 minutes.)
  • Over Time No: If players bet on No, it means players bet the match will finish at the standard time (finishes in 60 minutes.)

#3. Puck Line

  • In virtual ice hockey, the puck line is a betting market that is both unique to the sport and a variation on regular betting.


  • A puck line bet is a bet that pushes the favorite one to win by more goals and allows the underdog to lose the match but still win the bet. Unlike point spreads in other sports, the puck line is always +/- 1.5 goals.
  • Puck Line Home 1.5: It implies that Ukraine has to win by more than 1.5 goals, then you’ll win 1.19×100=119 else you’ll lose 100.
  • As half goals aren’t possible, this just means that they would have to win the game by 2 or more goals. The third number would be the payout odds you would get.

#4. Total Goals – Over/under

  • A wager is put on whether the total number of goals scored is less than or more than a predefined value established by the bookmaker.


  • In virtual ice hockey, the benchmark set value is 5.5. If you think there will be five or fewer goals scored in a match, you should wager -5.5, and if you think there will be six or more goals scored, you should bet +5.5.
  • Total Goals Over 5.5: If you are placed a wager on Ukraine over 5.5 and they won by 6 goals in total then you’ll get 1.86×100=186 else you’ll lose 100. Infrequently you will notice a line that is distinct from 5.5, but that is short. Fun88indi recommends double-checking every time that you put a totals bet just to avoid any blows.

Remember, this is the TOTAL number of goals in the match and is entirely independent of the result of the game. One team can score all of the goals, or both teams can score the goals straight. It does not matter.

#5. Correct Score

A simple bet in which you anticipate the game’s precise score. However, there are certain differences in virtual ice hockey, such as guessing the exact score during the regulation time or forecasting the score after overtime. Because there are so many possible outcomes, the odds for this market are constantly high.


  • Correct Score 2:1: If you placed a bet at 2:1, meaning you predicted the score Ukrain would win by 1 goal and beat Russia. If it happens then you’ll get 1,330 else you’ll lose 100.

#6. Points Spread

The puck line is similar to the points spread of Fun88 ice hockey, with the exception that the puck line has a +0.5 or -0.5 puck line, but the bookmakers provide significantly broader margins for scoring in the points spread.


Know the home and away form of each team odds

  • Mostly, the away team is at the next handicap over the home team. They have to move a long way, and if they flew jet lag may cause some of the players.
  • The home team may most apparently have time practicing in the home court, giving them another advantage over the away team.
  • This doesn’t always indicate that the home team would win. In some cases, the away team had won games, even by an avalanche. So, read the statistics for every team – do they have a good record of delivering great even as an away team or not

#7. First-period Goals

  • The first-period bet of Fun88 ice hockey does exactly what you expect it to be done, you can place any of the preceding bets, but just the first 20 minutes of the game are counted.


  • Frequently also described prop bets, these are bets that do not rely on the final result of the match. It is normally about something happening or not, or something first in the play or something at the end.
  • First-period goals Over 1.5: If you placed a bet at Over 1.5, meaning you predicted that Ukraine will score a goal within 1st 20 minutes of the session. If they did, you’ll get 1.85×100=185, else you’ll lose 100.

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