Best 7 Tactics How to Win Dragon Tiger – Make Easy ₹3,000

In this article, Fun88indi will show top 7 different strategies to know How to Win Dragon Tiger game online. Apply properly & boost your win rate online by 98%!

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If you’re looking for a how to play Dragon Tiger then Fun88 India might be your proper place. This fast-paced live dealer online casino game became widely known with the improved vogue of online casinos, which fetched this game to participants beyond the world. Here you will get to know the 7 best ways to Win Dragon Tiger game online.

#1. Count the cards

  • Relying on your circumstances for understanding How to Win Dragon Tiger, the game is effortlessly one of the most useful you can play for counting cards. Certainly, you must develop the ability for this 1st and carry the character for it, but it’s honestly not that painful for many individuals with a lot of practice.
  • The explanation for this being a suitable game for counting is because it’s such an easy game and not many cards are dealt all-around.
  • As a consequence, it’s more straightforward to recall how many more extensive value cards are been dealt, or in respective, how many 7 cards are been dealt. Because you fail automatically if you obtain a 7.
  • So, the further 7 cards have been dealt, the safer you understand you are, and the more attractive it is to gamble more. Depending on your position, it can help to utilize any of these strategies of the How to Win Dragon Tiger game or even some better than others to play online at Fun88 India.


#2. How to Win Dragon Tiger: Use Suit-Based Strategy

  • Another one of the best Tips and Tricks that can help a player to know How to Win Dragon Tiger game is to mark the number of suits dealt with the most. A player can calculate the number of suits in gameplay. He or she can utilize the number of decks for this approach.
  • This technique authorizes a player to decide the kind of suits most positioned, entitling him or her to stake on the least played card suit. On the occasion of an accurate bet, the suit-based process grants the player a 3:1 payout. It’s, therefore, necessary for a player to enter a Dragon or a Tiger defining the type of suit that card is.

#3. Avoid the Tie Bet and the Suited Tie Bet

  • Participants that set a tie bet to stand a possibility of earning big winnings, although the likelihood of winning is thin. There are examples when players withhold from gambling since the house edge on the tie is 32%.
  • There are 86,320 potential card combinations, with only 6,488 ties. It indicates that 79,872 bet combinations could end up as failures.
  • These odds undoubtedly create it one of the most challenging bets for players to win. Yet, the suit tie bet outcomes in a poorer result as 1,456 bets top in a tie. Hence, a player must avoid these odds, unless he/she exclusively count on luck.


#4. Bet Tiger or Dragon

  • This is presumably the best guidance anyone can present you concerning the How to Win Dragon Tiger game. Because these 2 places have an identical win rate of 50:50, and they will obtain your rewards, only put bets on either a dragon or a tiger.
  • A performer must adhere to either a Dragon or Tiger as it’s the best chance if they do not wish to depend on card counting or approach. A player must always strive at putting a bet on the Dragon or the Tiger that he/she notices holds the highest rank.
  • In most circumstances, a player gains more winnings because the house edge of those bets is 3%. However, there are instances when the Dragon and the Tiger evolve similarly in rank, nevertheless of the suit, creating it a tie. At such a point, he brings back half of his Main Bet, and the Tie beats a payout of 11:1.

#5. Stay Away from Tie Bets

  • In most of the online casinos like Fun88, the tie bet delivers an 8:1. This eye-catchy odd can drive any player to set their bet on a tie. However, most performers don’t understand that the house edge on this bet is a tremendous 32.77%.
  • Rarely do individuals who put their bet on a tie win. Believe that Fun88indi has caught enough. Out of 86,320 total hand varieties, just 6,488 are suitable ties. This information sufficient must cause you mindful of placing a tie bet in a game of Dragon Tiger game of a live casino.
  • Currently, this does not imply that people who set tie side bets never succeed. If you are incredibly lucky, your tie bet may get paid off. However, the only thing Fun88indi question is, are you ready to take that much risk understanding the odds sufficiently enough?


#6. Bankroll Management

  • Since Dragon Tiger is a very enticing and fast casino game, participants sometimes hold a tough time hooking up. The game’s quick spirit has driven players to lose paths of time and actually their bankroll at times.
  • While the complete direction of the game and live dealer’s movement is essential, players must even hold the update of their bankroll in the back of their senses. Don’t let the game’s flow inhibit your betting determination and consistently learn when to stop.
  • In this manner, you’ll gain more out of your functional bankroll, instead of playing a few games and potentially losing your funds over a short time.
  • A precise more practical strategy to know how to win dragon tiger is to set a reliable amount for your playing round and always adhere to it, and you’ll keep more power over your costs.

#7. Look for Special bonus offers

  • In India, the bulk of online casino sites has exceptional deals for new members. Current gamers can likewise take benefit from specific exclusive promotions. Before you pick a betting site, glimpse over the discounts available and see whether you are privileged.
  • The majority of newcomers to online gambling lose out on the further platforms’ promotions. For someone who is simply getting beginning, these benefits might be truly worthwhile.
  • Moreover, on Fun88 India, there are new Fun88 promotions each month that enables you to improve and excel in your online gaming adventure. Fun88 has an Indian atmosphere committed for us Indians to play online casinos with live dealers in India.



So, there you own it, these were the best strategies anyone could offer in reference to knowing how to win Dragon Tiger game. Every single stake of guidance Fun88indi provided you is supported by casino professionals with a ton of knowledge, so you’ll learn from the best. Fun88indi cannot assure that you’ll win regularly by accepting our recommendations, but you’ll most undoubtedly avoid the beginner blunders and relish the game much more. Good luck!