How to Win in Basketball Betting Online: 10 Proven Strategies

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Sports betting has been taking over the internet for quite some time now because of how fun it is and also the amazing rewards that comes with it especially if you use an online betting site like Fun88. Sports betting online allows you to bet on all sports available, and in recent times, basketball betting has been growing in popularity because of how thrilling the game can be with amazing teams. Betting on basketball is thus simple to carry out but winning the bets you place would require you to adopt some basketball betting strategies. So, here are some tricks on how to win in basketball betting online.


Setting Up the Right Basketball Betting Requirements

The first section of this article will give you important basketball tricks on how you can set the correct environment online to play basketball betting because having the correct background to place bets can make a whole lot of difference in basketball or any sports betting online. So, read these tricks carefully and fulfill the basic requirements you will need to turn yourself into a pro gambler online.

01. Sign Up at a Trusted Online Betting Site

Because of the popularity of sports betting online, there are many sites that have come into existence where people can access sportsbooks to place bets. However, not every online betting site is deemed a good one and this is why many people end up falling for online scams and worse.

  • This is why it is important that before you create an account on any online betting site, you should look thoroughly into the background of the said online betting site.
  • What you need to look for is the legal certificate which is issued by a foreign company as only those betting sites are considered to be legal in India. But you also should look into how legit this foreign company is.
  • Additionally, your online betting site should put you first by offering extravagant sportsbook welcome bonuses which you can claim with ease. This is why we recommend making a Fun88 sign up via a newly registered account because this online betting site is the best one you can use for basketball betting online.

02. Select a sportsbook with minimum bet rate

Now that you have found a good online betting site for yourself, the next important thing that you must do is find the perfect online betting sportsbook for you. Finding a good sportsbook is like finding the perfect casino game room so that you enjoy a smooth flowing gameplay without any interruption.

  • It is very important for your online sportsbook provider to introduce you to the betting odds of the basketball games instantly and also efficiently. Thus, placing bets on the odds should be quick and easy to carry out when playing basketball betting online.
  • Additionally, your sportsbook should offer you with betting stakes that are low in price so that you can place bets on more than one option in your sportsbook. This price set should be reasonable and in accordance to the average betting rate for basketball betting options.
  • To add to this, your sportsbook should provide you with statistics of the team and their previous matches along with a live stream option, so that you can analyze and observe the game yourself to place accurate basketball bets to win.


03. Set a strict daily betting limit

Playing sports betting online especially when it comes to basket ball can be fun and sometimes you can go overboard with placing bets online to the point where you bet more money than you are able to win. This behavior often results in unwanted habits and gambling addiction, so to avoid it from happening taking precautions as a beginner to become a responsible pro is important.

  • One way of preventing overspending on sports betting online is to select certain amount from your salary and then keep daily betting limits specifically for basketball betting online.
  • Not only this but this trick should also be a rule that you must adhere to at all costs, which means that once the daily betting limit is over, you must stop placing bets for the day.
  • Daily betting limits does not only have to do with your bankroll but also can be kept by keeping specific timings to place bets on basketball matches because like money, time is valuable too. If you want extra cash then you can apply for any of the sports Fun88 bonus as a newly registered member.

04. Know all about the basketball betting options

When learning how to play basketball betting, it is important that you not only learn to understand the rules of the game, but also thoroughly grasp all information on the available betting options in the basketball sportsbook online. This means that you must learn when to place what bets during the entire duration of the game as the betting odds under these betting options is an integral part of placing accurate bets.


  • As a priority or main betting option, you should place bets on those basketball betting options which are widely known in the betting world online.
  • These bets include Spread, Moneyline bets, Over/Under bets, and Last Digit Score bets, here you usually can place bets only once as the results are usually declared by the end of the match.
  • In some cases where one team is stronger than the other, instead of using the Moneyline betting option, you can go for the Handicap betting option where bets are only valid if the strong team meet certain conditions. Here, the underdog team gets the advantage of additional goals.

05. Analyze all previous stats and reports

Betting odds in sports betting online is very useful as you can get to place some accurate bets with the help of the betting options. However, odds are something that you should not rely on alone as they tend to keep changing based on what is going on live in the basketball game in real-life.

  • This is when the game stats and reports of the previous matches of the teams can become very useful with predicting whether the team with low odds can turn the game around towards the end or not.
  • That being said, knowing which team has more potential of winning is always good but by understanding the strength reports of each player would help you predict a teams potential as well.
  • This game stats and reports for the teams and players should be given to you by your sportsbook under each basketball match to make analysis and observations plus placing bets easier.

Placing Bets Accurately to Win and Earn More

Above were the 5 ways in which you can set up the perfect environment to boost your winnings by playing basketball betting online. So, now we will introduce you to the next 5 basketball betting strategies which will help you win more as well as save the money you earn in your wallet. With this, you will be completely equipped with the knowledge of placing accurate basketball bets online.


06. Use the Minimum bet rate on higher odds

One of the requirements of selecting a good sportsbook in the online betting site is that it should have a low minimum betting rate to place bets with and so as a beginner it is important that you use this minimum betting rate to place bets in order to avoid losing a lot of money online. However, since you also want to earn more by placing bets, then the higher odds is something you should use.

  • As a beginner, you are still learning, and so you are bound to make certain mistakes but to avoid losing a lot of money, the minimum betting rate comes in handy.
  • Additionally, since you want to earn more and the payout depends on how much you wager, placing bets on the teams with the higher odds can help you earn a little more cash!
  • This also means that sometimes, you will have to let go of your favorite basketball team if the odds are not in their favor, if you want to win most of the betting stakes.

07. Observe the gameplay while placing bets

Another thing we mentioned in out betting tips for basketball is that you must look into when picking a sportsbook online is the availability of a live streaming service from which you can watch the live game of the basketball match while placing bets in the sportsbook. This all-in-one sportsbook is important so that you can observe how the gameplay is flowing and then place bets according to these observations.

  • Having a live streaming option on your online betting site must be considered as a basic necessity of placing bets online and so it is important that your sportsbook provider provides you with a proper streaming service.
  • This comes in handy when you cannot really decide which betting odds to place bets on, and so instead you can just watch the live gameplay and decide for yourself based on who you think would win.
  • Lastly, although having one streaming server is nice but you should always go for an online betting sportsbook with multiple streaming services that allows you to simultaneously place bets online!


08. Use betting systems to maximize profits

It is mentioned above that setting betting limits for yourself as well as using the minimum betting rate to place bets with is very important when it comes to using your bankroll wisely, however, there are some betting systems that can help you maximize this low betting stakes to gain more profit! Betting systems in the betting world is not common, however, only pro gamblers are masters of it.

  • In the betting world, there are two kinds of betting systems – progressive and non-progressive systems. The former of the two is the most famous one because it requires you to increase your betting stake by a unit or double it when you experience a loss so that when you win, you get back the money you lost.
  • As a beginner, you should go for a betting system that requires you to increase the stakes by one unit instead of doubling it up because this way you can bet with less amount and still earn more by the time you decide to stop playing.
  • However, since in Basketball betting online there are some bets that can be placed only once, you should try to place bets on more than one basketball match, back to back.

09. Use half time bets after observations

Observing what you place bets on, whether it is a sports match or live dealer game is very important as you can immediately learn the art of predicting which side is more likely to win based on how they play. In sportsbooks for basketball betting, or any sports match as a matter of fact, there are half-time or quarter time betting options as well which is something you can use to learn how to observe and then bet with accuracy.

  • In basketball betting online, you will find main betting options which are considered to be moneyline, over/under, odd/even, etc. bets, however, you will also find half-time or quarter-time bets for the same betting options.
  • So, what you must do to practice observation without using the odds, is watch the first half of the game without placing any bets in the sportsbook. This also is helpful for when you decide to play a handicap basketball betting match.
  • Instead what you must do during the first half is decide at least 2 betting options you want to place bets on in the second half of the game and in the first half observe only aspects related to it.


10. Place backup bets on side betting options

In sportsbooks like SABA sports provided by top online betting sites, you will find all the main and important betting options which are commonly found in basketball betting online. However, there are also some additional betting options added to increase the excitement of the game and give you the opportunity to win even bigger payouts!

  • Although not recommended to use as a beginner, when you begin to feel like you are getting a hang of online betting in basketball matches and wish to increase the risk and stake for fun then we recommend using the side betting options.
  • This means that instead of placing bets on one betting option and increasing the betting stake, you should try placing a main bet with an additional bet using the minimum betting stake.
  • Some of the most popular side betting option in football include, 1st half Moneyline bets, 2nd half Moneyline bets, Home/Away Last Digit Score bets, Quarter Over/Under Bets, etc.


This was how to win in basketball betting using 10 proven strategies to win almost every round. Using this you could go ahead and place accurate bets but of course this requires a lot of practice which means that you must set aside some amount to learn how to play basketball betting. That being said, if you do not wish to spend money from your own pockets then try opting for your online casino bonus like the Fun88 bonus so that you can get a bonus up to ₹15,000 on sportsbook products online for basketball betting!