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10 Powerful tricks on how to win online Blackjack every time by Fun88indi experts to increase your win rate by 98% consistently & always earn up to ₹5,000 daily!

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Blackjack is one online casino game that is fun to play as there are many betting rounds in a single main round making the entire game exciting as there are a lot of potential wins that you can bag and in turn earn extravagant payouts. However, it is important to acknowledge that since Blackjack is a game that is played against a live dealer and so, it is important to use these useful Fun88 how to win online blackjack every time tips to win more and more daily!

how to win blackjack online every time

1. Set a daily budget for playing blackjack online

  • First on the list is an important online blackjack strategy that you must ensure before you even play the game online and that is to set a daily budget to play the game online.
  • Blackjack is a game that can be expensive thanks to the many betting rounds and if you do not have a set bankroll for the day then it is quite possible that you may end up overspending.
  • Thus, using budgeting systems can help you decide how much you can use to spend on blackjack games online to win more money by playing daily. Making an account like the Fun88 Sign Up can help you play Blackjack online for lower prices which does not affect your daily necessities.

2. Use a budget-friendly game rooms

  • The next important how to win online blackjack every time tip is to understand what kind of game room is the best for you by keeping your budget in mind.
  • Using blackjack game rooms with lower minimum betting stakes is always the go-to as you can gradually increase the betting stake to get more payout returns whenever you win but still have a lower budget when playing online.
  • Using sites like Fun88 Casino Online can help you play for low betting stakes making this site the best choice for beginners as it is also the most preferred online betting site in India.

how to always win blackjack online every time

3. Observe the gameplay for a while before playing

  • When you find the perfect game room to play blackjack online, it is time to move on to the next how to win online blackjack trick and that is to observe some gameplay rounds for a while before placing your first real money wager of the day.
  • This is one of the most crucial Tips and Tricks to apply before you start playing any online casino game as observation is the most powerful skill a gambler can own to win wholesome money as well as stay away from fraudulent activities.
  • When you skip some betting rounds to observe the game, you will get a hang of the game flow as well as could understand if the game room is a good one to go with or not since you will be playing against the live dealer.

4. Use an Advanced Betting Strategy chart

  • One of the things about blackjack that can be confusing for many beginners is understanding when to hit, double up, stand, or surrender, and to tackle this problem is the next how to win online blackjack every time strategy which is to make use of advanced betting charts.
  • In the advanced betting strategy charts, you will get an idea of which move to make based on the first two cards of your hand and the dealer’s hand no matter the combination.
  • You can find many images or sites online that give you a readymade chart that you can open when playing blackjack online to make effective and calculated moves whenever you play to win more rounds.

how to always win blackjack online every time fun88indi

5. Learn to use the Surrender option well

  • When learning How to Play Blackjack Online, there are many moves you can make based on your first two cards and this is important as an entire round’s gameplay depends on this.
  • That being said, sometimes, it is wise to use the surrender option for the round when your first two cards are not up to mark since you have a chance of getting half your betting stake back rather than losing it all.
  • This is again why you should opt for an advanced strategy chart when playing online since these charts let you surrender as the best move to certain first two card hand combinations to maintain your wins.

6. Understand the card-counting technique

  • The next how to win online blackjack every time strategy is something related to how well your observation skills are because by observing the cards dealt, you can learn how to predict which card will be pulled out next.
  • The card counting technique in blackjack is one of the most effective techniques where you must assign the value +1 to the cards from 2-6, 0 to the cards from 7-9, and the value -1 to 10s, Aces, and Face cards.
  • With these 3 values, you must add and subtract the cards accordingly and once you get the hang of it you will understand which cards from the deck have been dealt with to eventually predict the value of the upcoming cards.

how to always win blackjack online consistently

7. Pick a betting system and stick to it

  • One of the best how to win online blackjack every time trick is to spend your bankroll wisely in a way that would still allow you to enjoy the thrills of the game online and using betting systems is the best way to combine both needs. There are two kinds of betting systems that you should know of.
  • Firstly, the progressive betting system requires you to increase your wager whenever you win or lose to win back the lost money as a payout.
  • The next type of betting system is the non-progressive betting system where you must maintain the same betting stake throughout the gameplay regardless of your wins or losses.

8. Increase your wager when you lose a round

  • In continuation with the aforementioned Blackjack Tips, using the progressive betting system is risky, however, it is the best one of the two that you can go with to increase your bankroll by the end of your gameplay.
  • However, when selecting a progressive betting system, you should go for the ones that require you to increase your wager by small amounts whenever you lose so that you can win back the money as payouts when you eventually win.
  • It is also important to acknowledge that such systems are meant for high rollers so using low-risk ones like the D’Alembert betting system is a smarter choice to go with.

fun88indi how to win online blackjack every time

9. Use small wager limits to win more

  • One of the suggested methods to maintain a bankroll is to bet with the smallest limits available in the game rooms and this is exactly what the next how to win online blackjack every time trick is all about.
  • When using a progressive betting system, you must set an initial wager and this amount must be the lowest rate in the game rooms so that you get to maintain your bankroll and play more rounds to win in small amounts.
  • Thus, this could be a slow process but if you want to boost your online casino wallet instantly, then you can make use of the online casino’s bonuses which you can claim as a new member like the Fun88 Bonus of up to ₹10,000.

10. Do not go all in on with the bets

  • Lastly, when you keep winning more rounds, it is natural that you would want to hit the jackpot in one go to test your luck and so, do many gamblers who end up going all in with their bets.
  • Going all in means that you bet your entire bankroll in a single round to hit the jackpot in one go, and although this sometimes works, doing so is highly unrecommended.
  • Thus, in the final strategy, it is important to remember that you must not go all in with your bets when playing blackjack online but instead bet in small amounts mindfully as a responsible gambler.

fun88 how to win blackjack online every time


These were the 10 ways How to Win Online Blackjack Every Time you decide to play consistently to earn up to ₹5,000 daily. Using this and live casinos like the ones offered on the Fun88 site could help you hit jackpot after jackpot always. For more easy betting tutorials, tips, tricks, and strategies it is important that you use a betting guide like Fun88indi because, with a site like this, you could end up turning from a rookie to a pro in no time!