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What is Online blackjack algorithm?

Everything that goes online has a pattern of sequences, known as an algorithm. But the cool thing about algorithm is that it doesn’t repeat themselves often. Repetition might occur one in zillions and hence, the most difficult lock to break is the algorithm. Even great hackers will be unable to break that.


The online blackjack algorithm is the pattern that an online casino follows to make it difficult for the punters to predict the next winner. Though, it’s easier to penetrate the algorithm with consistent observation in Fun88 blackjack, where a live dealer deals with the card. The pattern can be broken with observation.

Can you crack Online blackjack algorithm?

Many punters wonder about this question and often jump to the conclusion that the house always wins cause of this Online blackjack algorithm. But it’s not entirely true. It’s difficult to create an algorithm for online blackjack with live dealers because everything occurs at the moment that time.


  • Still, algorithms are made by humans. They might be difficult to crack but they can be penetrated. They are continuous patterns that might help you.
  • With keen observation and loads of patience, anyone can find ways to penetrate the Online blackjack algorithm easily by following simple strategies.
  • Remember, we are saying that it’s difficult to crack an online blackjack algorithm. But we never used the word impossible. Therefore, never give up until you crack it.

Until then, let’s learn the 7 ways to penetrate the online blackjack algorithm at Fun88 India. Know what to follow and what to avoid while earning real money through online blackjack.

7 ways to penetrate Online blackjack algorithm

With experts’ knowledge and long-term experience, we brought you 7 strongly proven ways to penetrate the Online blackjack algorithm and win decent money at the very start of the journey.

#1. Follow on with blackjack strategies

Betting experts often come up with evolving blackjack strategies, they put their mind, heart, and soul into it. Follow the best ones to make more real money.


  • Readout all the strategies you might get and choose the one that suits you. Don’t go after winning and never believe that you are one step away from winning, believe the opposite.
  • Follow Martingale’s blackjack strategy but vice versa, keep doubling your bets until you lose, and then, go back to the initial betting stake. Follow the winning, not losses.

#2. Ignore progressive blackjack strategy

Why is it important to follow the right blackjack strategy? Because most of them follow a progressive approach. They make you double your bets until you win, they make you believe that you’ll win.

  • What if you are just following the losing path? Therefore, ignore the progressive blackjack strategies and don’t follow the trail of losses. Most often, it is just a way to obtain money.
  • Give yourself the liberty to think that your win is not due, even though it’s relieving to have hope. Follow the strategies that help you really win, the ones that command until you lose.

#3. Master when to double down & split

Double down your bets when your card value is more than 11. The best time to split the bets is when you own a pair. These two tricks will help you penetrate the online blackjack algorithm at Fun88 live casino.


  • The chance of winning increases when you have a high card value to double down. You might end up getting another high-value card and win the round. Know more tips and tricks to earn more.
  • Keep observing the cards of the opponent player. If you already get a higher card, let’s say above 17, then don’t opt for splitting the bets options since you already have a strong hand.

#4. Don’t make insurance wagers

The live casino knows its punters and that provides side bets. They do offer less risk, but have you noticed that they also offer extremely low betting odds, resulting in low pay-outs?

  • For instance, if the odds on a regular bet in 8:3 then the odds of an insurance bet are 2:1. Therefore, in the end, it’s your call. What do you prefer, low pay-outs or high returns?
  • If you are an amateur, then avoid insurance bets as much as you can. They can be very tempting, but you need to focus on keeping the online blackjack simple at the start.

#5. Avoid focusing on Gambler’s myths’

There are many myths that travel in the gambling world, one of them is hushed in a whisper. ‘House will always win’! Well, for starters live casino is a business and people expect to earn a profit.


  • Online blackjack algorithm can be made difficult to crack but it is not meant to rig you. That’s just the part of the business and making a profit.
  • Focus on what good lies and penetrate the online blackjack algorithm. House edge and RTP are enough to help you choose the best casino. Pick the best one, we recommend Fun88 India.

#6. Choose tables with a single deck of cards

One of the simplest possible ways to penetrate the live cainso blackjack algorithm is to find a live casino that uses only one deck of cards while playing online blackjack.

  • By using one deck of cards, an online casino gives an advantage of counting the cards to the players. You can separate out the dealt cards and predict the upcoming one from the rest.
  • Card counting strategy becomes easier when there’s only one deck of cards. It increases the chances of predicting the upcoming cards by a great percentage than more decks are used.

#7. Keep standing on the strong hands

If you have a strong card value, that is, above 10, then we recommend you stay on the stand and let the dealer deal another card.


  • Hence, double down if you have a card value above 10 and split if you have a pair. Have faith in your cards but keep the emotions in control. Play responsible gambling.
  • Keep track of your time, emotions, and money. It’s never too much to earn, waste and control. Have happy gambling at Fun88 India and online blackjack.

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