Denmark vs Finland match prediction T20I – Who’ll be winner?

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  • Match date: 02:20 PM, 7th of May 2022, Saturday
  • Location: Svanholm Park, Brøndby, Denmark
  • Event: Denmark vs Finland 1st T20I Match


1st match of T20 International between Denmark vs Finland is about to happen on the 7th of May 2022 after the last in 2019. Finland tour of Denmark in Svanholm Park to conclude the match. History has been a great indication of Denmark winning the match. Place your bets in Denmark at Fun88 India and earn huge winnings.

Denmark – Home team

Denmark cricket team represents the Denmark Kingdom in International cricket. They have been part of ICC’s high-performance program.


  • In 1966, Denmark’s national cricket team became a member of the ICC, International Cricket Council.
  • Denmark started to play in ICC World Cup Challenge League in August 2019, after finishing the Division three of the ICC World Cricket League.

Finland – Away team

The Finnish cricket team represents Finland in International cricket. The Finnish national cricket team is organized by the Finnish Cricket Association.


  • Alike Denmark, they started playing for Finland in T20 International in July 2019 too.
  • Since then, they have played 9 matches and won only 3 of them. 185 runs in 8 wickets are the highest score of the Finnish cricket team.

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Denmark vs Finland head-to-head

Let’s know Denmark vs Finland head-to-head performance to make you believe that our betting expert’s Denmark vs Finland match prediction for 1st T20 International is right. Denmark is more likely to win Denmark vs Finland match as compared to Finland.

Sr. No.

Date Won by





1 Run





38 Runs


Note: Since both the cricket teams, Denmark and Finland started their T20I journey in 2019 and after that, Covid struck. They haven’t got a chance to play many matches against each other.

Dig deeper and investigate the individual performances of both teams. Mentioned in tabular form is the result of the last 5 T20I matches of both the cricket teams, Denmark and Finland, individually. Do Fun88 login, bet at 1st match of T20 International between Denmark vs Finland and win.

Denmark – Last 5 T20I match performance

Sr. No.

Date Won by 


16-10-2021Denmark6 WicketsGermany


17-10-2021Jersey5 WicketsDenmark
3.19-10-2021Denmark9 Runs


4.20-10-2021Jersey5 Runs


5.21-10-2021Denmark4 Wickets


Finland – Last 5 T20I match performance

Sr. No.

Date Won by 


18-08-2019Spain4 WicketsFinland


21-08-2021Finland4 WicketsSweden
3.21-08-2021Sweden4 Wickets


4.22-08-2021Finland3 Wickets


5.22-08-2021Sweden6 Wickets


Note: The team name with a bold font is the winner of the match.

Denmark vs Finland predicted lineup

The predicted line-up for Denmark vs Finland is given below. Who is playing in the match and at which position, tells a lot about the winner of the match? Hence, it’s crucial to investigate online cricket news before betting at Fun88 India.





1.      Hamid Shah – Captain 1.      Nathan Collins – Captain 
2.      Abdul Hashmi – Wicketkeeper2.      Aravind Mohan – Wicketkeeper
3.      Delawar Khan3.      Muhammad Rehman
4.      Anders Bulow4.      Vanraaj Padhaal
5.      Omar Hayat5.      Peter Gallagher
6.      Jonas Henriksen6.      Aniketh Pusthay
7.      Zameer Khan7.      Sanju Shrestha
8.      Aftab Ahmed8.      Jonathan Scamans
9.      Freddie Klokker9.      Shoaib Qureshi
10.   Bashir Shah10.   Hariharan Dandapani
11.   Nicolaj Laegsgaard11.   Areeb Qadir

Denmark vs Finland score prediction – Detailed analysis

Our professional betting experts have brought the precise sports forecast for you. Read the cricket sports news before placing your bets at Fun88 India.


After keeping several factors in mind, Fun88 betting experts conclude that Denmark is more likely to win than Finland in Denmark vs Finland’s 1st T20I Match. Hence, the predicted result of Denmark vs Finland’s 1st T20I Match is Denmark will win.

Denmark vs Finland betting odds at Fun88 India

Increase your fortune with Fun88 sportsbook! Now that you have learned the winner of upcoming Denmark vs Finland 1st T20I Match. Know Denmark vs Finland betting odds at Fun88 India to bet.

  1. 2 Way Money Line Winner

Bet the supposed winner of the match, Denmark is predicted to be the 2 Way Money Line winner of Denmark vs Finland 1st T20I Match.


Choose Denmark for 2 Way Money Line Winner with a unit of 2.28 odds

  1. To Win the Toss Money Line

We are going easy on Finland in To Win the Toss Money Line betting option at Fun88 sportsbook.


Choose Finland for To Win the Toss Money Line with a unit of 1.86 odds

  1. Highest Individual Score

Will any individual player be able to score more than 68.5 runs? The fun88 Denmark vs Finland betting odds says yes.


Choose Over +68.5 for the Highest Individual Score with a unit of 1.86 odds


Fun88 is delighted to bring you the best possible Denmark vs Finland match prediction for the 1st T20I Match for its readers and punters. It also recommends reading more sports forecasts to make a wise and well-thought decision. We guarantee the success rate of 98% with our precisely calculated Denmark vs Finland match prediction. Join Fun88 India, bet on Denmark vs Finland 1st T20I Match & win.