8 Top Asian Handicap football betting strategy for beginners

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The Asian Handicap football betting strategy improves your possibilities of winning because there are only 2 results, a win or a loss. It is because a draw won’t work nowadays – it got eliminated.


Here, Fun88 India strives to focus on an essential handicap football betting strategy that has been verified to be beneficial in reiterated events.

1. Find more value in Asian Handicap bets

  • Asian football handicap betting is based almost completely on understanding the participant teams.
  • For instance, an attacking team like Liverpool could in approach also reach the -2.5 handicap.
  • But there are additional aspects in play such as the present state of the teams, their home & away history if there is a rivalry, the injury report, climate conditions, etc.
  • Pretty much you will generally accomplish before you set a standard bet, only this time, with much sounder odds.

2. Setting Asian handicaps bets on Live Betting

  • Similar to any Online Sportsbook live betting strategy, the Asian Handicap football betting strategy is only to bet if you understand the teams’ performance.
  • For instance, suppose you are satisfactorily familiar with Real Madrid’s recent home record. The Madrid is in acceptable form and they are encountering Valencia, with pre-game odds for a home win near 1.35.
  • Surprisingly and against the match’s forecast, Valencia scores in 20 minutes. Real Madrid needs to win -1. The Blancos must be staked around 1.85 given that there would need 70 minutes.
  • You will be primarily wishing that Valencia won’t stand the stress and will lose their lead point and gain superior returns, much higher than the pre-game demand could present.


3. Using Asian handicaps on over/under

  • The best Asian Handicap football betting strategy is to remain for the live betting odds because the possibilities have generously corresponded to pre-game demands.
  • For instance, if the score in any tournament is 0-2 near the initial 30 minutes, the HT over 2.5 goals need would be 2.00 while in the Asian market, it will be at 2.050.

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4. Asian Handicap Acca strategy

  • A challenging but in most circumstances promising Asian Handicap football betting strategy is to make your Accas by supporting favorites for a -1.5 Home success.
  • Apparently, you must perform an in-depth analysis on which teams manage to succeed with comparative comfort in the facade of their home lovers.
  • The contrast in odds can demonstrate to be effective as a routine home win for a favored odds at 1.30 for a -0.5 market, can be improved to 1.85 for a -1.5 win.


5. Backing small home underdogs at +1.75

  • While there is multiple more progressive Asian Handicap football betting strategy that a player may have used successfully, this strategy certainly shows the most invariant returns.
  • Do not anticipate getting rich from them though, as they’re lower risk factors and low profit.
  • They’re even a great starting pinpoint for betting on the Asian Handicap football, and there is no excuse for not earning a profit from utilizing them.
  • This extends even more chances for seeing suitable value stakes to place.

6. Backing big favorites at -1 or -1.25

  • This is a superb alternative Asian Handicap football betting strategy to bet on a significant favorite team in the standard match type 1X2.
  • One of the most prominent weaknesses of backing big favorites on the 1X2 market is that the odds are extremely low.
  • Although we can desire to win a bunch of stakes, the low odds indicate that any gains can efficiently be canceled with just one or 2 random bet slip failures.


7. Look at the betting trends

  • One standard Asian Handicap football betting strategy utilized by wagerers is to glance at trends.
  • Betting trends can be as uncomplicated as defending a team’s hot spot or betting against a team that won’t seem to get out of.
  • It can also perform in less noticeable manners like football teams that play more profitable or worse in daytime games.
  • Few betting trends can be beneficial, though.

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8. Avoid the most popular bets

  • Another winning Asian Handicap football betting strategy is to avoid the most prevalent bets.
  • This is because the Fun88 will frequently raise the odds on these bets, driving them less appealing from a value viewpoint.
  • Instead, look for lesser-known handicap demands where you can locate some more satisfactory value odds.
  • Ultimately, it’s also worth believing in placing multiple Asian Handicap football bets.
  • This is a reasonable manner to evade your wagers and boost your probability of standing out, even if one of your preferences doesn’t succeed.

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Thus, Fun88indi believes that you would like to apply the Asian Handicap football betting strategy explained above to expand your chances of winning. You must do some study on the teams and their participants to uncover the best approach for you.