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Learn are online blackjack games rigged really or not. In this guide, Fun88indi has revealed 5 facts including RNG software, live dealer, licenses, RTPs & more!

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Are online blackjack games rigged – this is one of those queries many blackjack participants asked. It connects to the age-long concern of whether or not online blackjack is rigged. Fun88indi can provide you with a quick reply — Live casino online blackjack is generally not rigged.

Is Online Blackjack Rigged – really?


  • The online betting enterprise is still relatively young compared to its brick-and-mortar companion.
  • Because of this, it’s typical for multiple individuals to have a concern when it comes to online betting, particularly casino games like online blackjack.
  • However, Fun88indi wants to ensure you that the overwhelming majority of online blackjack casino games aren’t rigged.
  • Fun88 India online casinos and casino game inventors carry comprehensive protection to confirm that their games are acceptable and secure for the players.

Why do people think Online Blackjack Is Rigged

  • The most significant cause why many online blackjack participants doubt that the game is rigged against them is that they can’t notice what’s ensuing behind the game.
  • Unlike standard blackjack in an authentic land-based casino, you can’t witness the cards in front of you. So, if you drop into a losing spot, it’s uncomplicated to believe that the game is programmed to trick you.
  • The fact is that most blackjack punters that consider this frequently hold unrealistic expectations.
  • As per the varied online gambling stats, blackjack is one of the more explosive casino games, and participants only own a winning chance of roughly 42%.

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5 Facts to be revealed are online blackjack games rigged – No its Not

Are online blackjack games rigged? Before we respond to that query, let us start with a simple fact – Nobody considers the game rigged when they’re succeeding. Currently that we’re in whole understanding look at the top 5 causes to be exposed are online blackjack games rigged or not below:


#1. Rigging live dealer Blackjack is not easy

  • Live dealer online blackjack at online casinos appears more helpless to accusations and some genuine proof of cheating.
  • Part of this is due to, unlike totally automated online blackjack where the card of the deck is “shuffled” by the RNG after each hand, its potential to count cards.
  • Live dealer online blackjack is generally placed with 3rd-party sellers. The expenditure of arranging up a video not to mention the HR – High-Resolution existence of handling a team of providers, videographers, and lighting mechanics make engaging a subcontractor a virtual need.
  • Therefore, we say that Rigging live dealer Blackjack is not as easy as it seems when you play online blackjack with real money at Fun88 India!

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#2. Accredited RNG software

  • The software that operates blackjack online and in a video form of blackjack in brick-and-mortar casinos is made around the random number generator (RNG).
  • The RNG is a complicated algorithm that utilizes a “seed” numeral for a conception. After operating different estimations upon that basis, it gives a random number to the card-dealing part of its program.
  • Online blackjack games manipulated by RNG aren’t formed by the casino. They’re designed and certified for those casinos by software innovators.
  • Thus, it is not that easy – to rig a Random Number Generator (RNG) while playing online Blackjack at Fun88 India!


#3. Competition drives Rigging too deadly

  • A few decades back, untrustworthy operators would get out with deceptive processes and they occasionally did. At that time, everyone in the online casino gameplay was a little fry.
  • So in the past, cheating or rigging disgraces were generally caused by dishonest employees peeking to assemble occasional illicit bucks, especially in the virtual online poker tables and that evolved into blackjack online play.
  • Thus, heavy competition in online casinos playing blackjack with a live dealer from any place and at any time leads make Rigging far excessively contaminated.

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#4. Official Licenses

  • As online gambling has become more dominant and sufficient, governmental agencies have been verified to handle, manage, tax, and permit online casinos.
  • All online casinos need some format of accreditation and approval. However, there are further methods to go about obtaining this license. Some authorities are far undersized and picky about who works in their country, or how they work.
  • You must only employ certified betting sites to play online and save yourself from the shady underworld of internet scams.
  • Every regulatory individual carries various provisions. Multiple licenses naturally correlate to more measures satisfied by the hosting website.


#5. Game RTPs

  • While the house edge is the rate that the online casino brings to assure constant earnings, the RTP (Return to Player) directs to the bets that you obtain back over time.
  • This technique is characterized by the ratio that makes the discrepancy between 100% and the house edge.
  • So, while you may get lured to indict a casino of rigging online blackjack games, learn that there are simply multiple factors in play and that your losing spot is specifically an outcome of a series of unfortunate concurrencies.


To summarize and know Are online blackjack games rigged? No, they aren’t rigged – the extensive prevalence of online casinos offers you a secure and impartial understanding. To avoid any untrustworthy betting sites, Fun88indi recommends that you must study the most profitable blackjack casinos – Fun88 India. You can likewise claim a 300% welcome bonus up to ₹1,000 on your 1st deposit and earn prizes that’ll enhance your bankroll.