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There are various formats of cricket sports and each one is different from the other. Hence, each format of cricket requires a different set of strategies, but some strategies and mindsets go well for every kind. Mentioned in this Fun88 India article are the top 10 online cricket betting free tips to help the punters in every kind of cricket betting and earn more winnings.

#1. Understand different cricket forms

There’s more to cricket than just a bat and ball. There are many forms of cricket, international and national. Then Indian Premier League, T20 Champions, One Day International tests, etc.


  • Get basic knowledge of all and be updated with every format. One is different from the others. Therefore, understanding every format is important to earning a living through betting.
  • Know the fixture, scoreboard, previous champions, and everything about cricket forms. Especially the key positions, teams’ performance, and individual players’ performance.

#2. Shoot for the optimal odds

Sportsbooks offer different variety of odds in different formats. There are decimal and fractional odds, opt for decimal odds since they are easiest to interpret. Go for optimum odds value.

  • Greater odds are intimidating since they offer great pay-out, but they can also imply getting more money from you. Place your bet with small betting amounts on good odds value.
  • Don’t get intimidated by great odds, sometimes they are just a way to get your money. Make smart decisions based on your knowledge and not just odds. Be vigilant in Fun88 cricket odds.

#3. Take advantage of the exchange betting

If you get an opportunity to let the expert take care of your bets, like mutual funds. Will you do it? Cause there’s something like that in the online betting world too, to help the punters choose better.


  • A betting exchange allows the punters to bet on other punter’s choices and if they win the bet, they get a percentage of winnings over the expert’s advice. You don’t have to be an expert.
  • You don’t have to do much research to win the bet. All you need to do in exchange for betting is give your betting amount and let the experts do the job for you. Bet on others’ bets.

#4. Know the cricket betting market

Thousands of sportsbooks race each other to come at the top of the online betting scoreboard. They offer loads of interesting betting options for Indian punters to bet on cricket matches of all forms.

  • It starts with the simple toss winner, match winner, a man of the match, top batter, top bowler, runs in the first over, tie, first-out reason and so many more are simple online cricket betting options.
  • Then there is parlay, mixed betting, exchange betting, double chance betting and so much more to learn, explore and use. Understand every betting option before placing your bets.

#5. Importance of toss over match

If you know cricket and even if you don’t, common sense is a must to understand the importance of toss. Toss helps the punters predict the winner of the cricket match by 37% in the very start.


  • The team that wins the toss often chooses to bat first; they aim to create the most runs possible to beat the upcoming batting team so they can set a difficult competition.
  • Winning the toss ensures the win of the team by 17%, yes, 17%. Isn’t that crazy? Though it doesn’t make a huge difference, the mindset does. The toss-winning team gets to decide the target.

#6. Be prepared for the losses

No business comes with utter profit, you have to face losses. Most importantly, you have to learn to face losses positively. Remember one thing, losses don’t matter if you have an overall profit.

  • The best way to be prepared for a loss is to never expect a win. This way a win will always be a surprise and a loss will always be a possible outcome you were prepared to acknowledge.
  • Keep your mindset stable and positive if you are here for the long term. Keep your emotions in check with a positive mindset to deal with every kind of setback. The focus is on profit.

#7. Follow research & analysis strategies

Every great success is followed by a great amount of research and critical analysis. If you want great success in the online gambling world you must work harder and be updated with cricket sports news than just predicting the match with guts.


  • Honest and consistent success doesn’t come with a gut feeling, it comes with constant research and analysis. You have to live in the cricket world and think like the coaches to bet right.
  • Do your thorough research cause if you want to make a great luxurious living out of online betting then you have to work hard for hours daily until you reach the point near perfection.

#8. Keep following the cricket news & forecasts

There’s no better way to win in any form of cricket betting than being up to do date with what’s going on in the cricket world. Which team included a new player, who got injured, who’s retiring, etc. Know T20 cricket betting tips to win extra.

  • History will give you a good predictable account of the future. Follow the cricket news and be up to date with the cricket news. Look for head-to-head performances before betting.
  • Believe in the sports forecast, not just one though. Browse through 4 to 5 sports forecasts before placing your bet to make a more accurate decision with betting experts’ advice.

#9. Reputable online betting site

Why should you choose a reputable website? Well, for starters these websites take rigging accusations seriously and never want to fall under such a category which makes them more transparent.


  • Investigate the online betting platform before betting on it. Check out the license, SSL certificate, customer reviews, promotional deals, transaction system, and terms. We recommend the Fun88 sportsbook.
  • The popular betting site is popular for a reason and to continue at the top on the channel. They must ensure the best facilities and satisfying winnings to their customers. Hence, making them safe.

#10. Better promotional deals

There are thousands of online betting platforms available for online punters to bet on. How to choose the best one? One of the many facts to look at while choosing the best one is welcome promotions.

  • Always choose the one with the best welcome promotional deal and limited terms and conditions. Money is not the factor here; the percentage of return should be the factor.
  • Hence, choose a sportsbook with a high percentage of return. For example, Fun88 India offers a 300-400% return on your first deposit. It gives more money than those who ensure to claim up to ₹0,000 bonuses.

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