How much money can you make playing online poker in 2023?

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How much money can you make playing online poker in 2023?

As much as we enjoy playing online poker, the ultimate fun is in earning through it. Poker online is an evolving cards game and studying it is important for players to be up to date with their skill levels. More important for a player to know is how much money can you make playing online poker in 2023.


We are here to help you determine the answer to your question, but you have to keep in mind that your earning depends on so many factors like your skills, your win rate, the betting amount you wager in, the type of table you choose, and so many more. Therefore, all the answers are on average; you can either go above or below the expected earnings.

An average grinder earning through online poker

The grinder is a player who plays games that involve low risk, small but steady earnings. How much money can you make playing online poker is an impossible question to answer since most of it depends on your skillset. But, to give you an idea we can look at things pragmatically.


  • The first thing to keep in mind is that the amount of money that a player earns will depend on the game selection, whether he’s choosing to play in tournaments or cash games.
  • Most of the news revolves around the big winners in the tournament and we often forget about average winners. If you started your journey recently and paving your way up slowly.
  • An average grinder is most likely to earn ₹5,000 to ₹15,000 in a month, depending on various factors like winning rate, betting amount, a variant of your poker, and your skillset.

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Professional punter earning through online poker

Contrary to tournament players, regular online poker players can often make a more constant flow of cash. But they will not to able to achieve the kind of scores a multi-table tournament player earns. Your earnings will depend on your personal preference and your skills.


  • A professional poker player who plays in tournaments is more likely to earn huge profits of real money, up to millions of dollars. We estimate it to be more than $900,000 obviously.
  • If a professional player plays at any online gambling site regularly, he can make ₹5000 to ₹10,000 in a day with a good win rate, betting amount, and adequate skills.
  • The size of your betting amount will determine the winning amount, choose your cards wisely and betting limit more wisely, as you might end up losing that too.

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Online poker player income – Rakeback & Bonuses

Online poker player not only earns through the wins he gets after winning at poker game but also through online gambling sites, that offers various incentives for players to play and help them earn some extra real money, apart from the deserving winnings. Rakeback and bonuses are the ways of poker game rooms, offline or online, to reward their loyal active poker players.


  • Rakeback: A type of reward that a player gets for being a member of the offline poker room, the more active you are, the more Rakeback you will receive. It’s like a bonus you get in the job after doing hard work consistently. Become a member, play poker often and grab Rakeback.
  • Bonuses: Online gambling site offers welcome bonuses for players on their first deposit, but all other bonuses after that depend on the volume you play. Money can add up to huge amounts through reloads for a heavy volume player, who plays a lot of pokers.

5 Factors that affect how much you earn through poker

Your earnings depend on so many factors, they can never be constant, but you can also improve your skill. Mentioned below are 5 Factors that affect how much you earn through poker.


  1. Your win rate: The most important factor for a player to earn money through poker is the winning rate. If you are not winning, then you’ll be making no money from playing poker. A Player’s win rate depends on the edge you have in the game you are playing.
  2. Game Selection: The amount of money you will going to earn depends highly on the variant of poker and the type of game you are playing. Choose the right game, that suits your style whether offline, online, in tournaments, single or multi tables, fast-fold tables and so many more.
  3. Playing Frequency: Isn’t it simple math? The more you play online poker, the more are the chances of winning more real money. The number of hands one can play in a particular time frame determines the earnings. Choose fast-fold tables to win more real money faster.
  4. Multi-table players: Players who play in multi-table are more likely to win more money as they’ll be playing more games compared to other players with single-table games. Multi-tables are hard to play since the player is facing a constant decision, money doesn’t come that easy.
  5. Stakes to wager in: Your pay-out always depends on the money you wager in. Hence, to earn more you must bet more money in poker online. Your win rate depends on the size of the big blind, they are not uniform for every betting amount you wager in.

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Learn from Daniel Negreanu & curious case of Gus Hansen

There are thousands of examples of huge winners and that’s why we not only give you the biggest winner but also, the biggest loser of online poker. You need to know about Gus Hansen before choosing your game variant wisely.


  • Daniel Negreanu: He managed to win $944,126 in one year by playing in 51 tournaments. This net is impressive but earning it hadn’t been easy, he went on a losing streak with 12 games once. He crashed in 11 tournaments out of 51, meaning he didn’t secure two outright wins.
  • Gus Hansen: He was one of the most dominant poker players once, but the upsurge of the digital era made him lose his way. He won $11,240,677 in live cash games and tournaments but lost $15,628,983 in online poker. He lost because he chose tough games, beyond his style.

3 Advanced tips to enhance your potential earnings through poker

Now that we have learned how much money can you make playing online poker, it’s probably a wise thing to spend some time looking at 3 Advanced tips to enhance your potential earnings through poker.


  1. Follow the latest strategies: Poker online is an evolving live casino card game and players are adopting aggressive styles to win more real money. Therefore, it’s not only important but necessary to stay up to date with the upgrading strategies. Read the latest evolved strategies and follow them.
  2. Review your own play: Most often players tend to focus on their opposition so much that they neglect the power of polishing their own skills first. If you continue to play poker and make a living through it someday then we advise you to review your own gameplay frequently.
  3. Liberate your mindset: One of the most important facets of online poker is the need to master your mindset. Playing poker angry might make you lose more than you win as it requires a lot of rational decision-making in the procedure. Don’t play poker in a bad mood.

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