Watford vs Crystal Palace Premier league 2022 – Who’ll win?

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  • Match time: 01:00 AM, 24th February 2022
  • Location: Vicarage Road Stadium, Watford, England
  • Event: Watford vs Crystal Palace – English Premier League 2021-22

Watford Football Club will be going head-to-head with Crystal Palace football club in Vicarage Road Stadium, Watford, England on 24th February 2022. It’s going to be the history of the match since Watford has the great advantage of being a home team and Crystal Palace has been performing well lately.


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Home team – Watford Football Club

Watford Football Club is a professional English football club situated in Watford, Hertfordshire, and was founded in 1881. They play in the top tier of football events, that is, English Premier League.


  • Watford joined the English Football League in 1920 and has become the first runner-up twice for the FA cup and has also been the FA champions once. They are to Premier League after spending a considerable amount of time for the championship.
  • They have had a rivalry with Luton FC for a very long time, their nearby football club. 8-0 against Newport County in 1920 is Watford’s biggest winning margin record. They’ll be facing Crystal Palace in Vicarage Road Stadium on the 24th of February.

Away team – Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace Football Club competes in the highest level of English football, that is English Premier League of Selhurst in Borough of Croydon, South London; created as a professional outfit in 1905.


  • The amateur club of Crystal Palace football club became the founder member of the Football association in 1863 and competed in the first-ever FA Cup competition. They have disappeared from Premier League and returned in 2013.
  • Crystal Palace has a long-running and standing rivalry with Brighton & Hove Albion. It will be playing its match with Watford on 24th February in Vicarage Road Stadium.

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Head-to-head record performances of Watford vs Crystal Palace

The foremost important factor to keep in mind while predicting the winner of the match is the previous performance record of the matches between Watford vs Crystal Palace. After all, it’s important to know the hisory in order to predict the future. Mentioned below in the tabular form are the statistics of matches held between Watford vs Crystal Palace.


Watford-vs-Crystal-Palace-04Watford FCWatford-vs-Crystal-Palace-06Crystal Palace

Total number of matches

Won matches


Draw matches


Lost matches


Let’s have a closer glance at the last 5 matches between Watford and Crystal Palace to understand the basis of our prediction, calculated by the betting experts.



1 – 0

Watford-vs-Crystal-Palace-06Crystal Palace


Watford-vs-Crystal-Palace-06Crystal Palace

3 – 1



Watford-vs-Crystal-Palace-06Crystal Palace

1 – 0




0 – 0

Watford-vs-Crystal-Palace-06Crystal Palace

FA Cup


2 – 1

Watford-vs-Crystal-Palace-06Crystal Palace

Yes, the chances of a draw are pretty high but the winning chances of Watford football club are higher. Therefore, we need to look into more factors to predict the winner of the match; what’s better to look into players’ performances?

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List of players expected to join the field – Watford vs Crystal Palace

Both the teams, Watford vs Crystal Palace have extraordinary players in their team with amazing tactics, techniques, moves, and performances. Let’s look into the predicted line-ups to understand our prediction better.


  • Watford Football Club (4-4-2): Foster; Femenia, Kabasele, Cathcart, Kamara; Cleverley Sissoko, Louza, Sarr; King, and Dennis.
  • Crystal Palace Football Club (4-3-3): Butland; Mitchell Clyne, Guehi, Andersen; Hughes, Gallagher, Kouyate; Edouard, Zaha, and Olise.

5 facts about Watford vs Crystal Palace to help you choose

Let’s get a bit deeper and help you understand the sole reason behind our prediction, it is the factual history. Mentioned below are 5 facts about Watford vs Crystal Palace to help you choose the winner to bet on at Fun88 sportsbook.

  1. In English Premier League, Watford football club has performed better than Crystal Palace, but none of them won their last match in the Premier League.
  2. Crystal Palace’s last win as an away team against Watford football club is in 2015 ad Watford hasn’t won their last 12 games, indicating the chances of draws are higher.
  3. Watford football club hasn’t scored in their last 4 matches and Crystal Palace has scored a streak of o in their last 2 matches.
  4. Emmanuel Dennis is the top scorer of Watford football club with 9 goals against Crystal Palace. On the other hand, Conor Gallagher has scored 7 times against Watford for Crystal Palace.
  5. During the last 24 meetings between Watford FC and Crystal Palace, Watford FC has won 8 times while Crystal Palace has won 7 times. The goal difference in favor of Crystal Palace is 33-29.

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Watford (1 – 0) Crystal Palace: Fun88 odds prediction – Detailed analysis

By keeping all the factors in mind, from head-to-head previous performances, team members, line-ups, goals, and factual history. Our professional betting experts came up to the conclusion that even though there are high chances of the draw, chances for Watford football club to win are higher.


Match strength: Professionally calculated match strength of Watford vs Crystal Palace by Fun88 betting experts is that Watford FC will win by one goal against Crystal Palace FC. The chances of the draw are as seemly more as Watford winning the match.

Watford vs Crystal Palace odds at Fun88 India to win a bet

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Choose Draw between Watford & Crystal Palace with 3.90 odds

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